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Podcast Episode: Dare to Truly Lead in Inclusive Education with Dr. Julie Causton & Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak

Dr. Julie Causton and Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak of Inclusive Schooling visit with Charlie Kraig and Dr. Rick Gilson of ARPDC visit about the Summer Leadership Institutes held by Julie and Kristie through their Inclusive Learning organization.   Each August, Inclusive Schooling hosts a three-day Leadership Institute. In our conversation, we… Read more »

ARPDC Podcast Episode: Kindergarten Teacher, Author and Great Soul – Laurie McIntosh

Laurie McIntosh: Kindergarten Teacher, Author and Great Soul   In this episode, we visit with Laurie McIntosh who loves to share with others…create unique burgers with her students, and fundraise with little ones who want to make and have made a difference in the class and the community. Laurie started… Read more »

Grade 9 LA PAT Prep Survival Guide

Are you a Grade 9 LA teacher looking for some tips and tricks to help you prepare your students for both Part A and B of the LA 9 PAT? This video features two of our ARPDC Consultants: Charlie Kraig and Jodi Taylor as they share some explicit strategies you… Read more »

ARPDC Podcast Episode: A Caregiver Approach to Literacy with Nawal Qarooni

One of the amazing lineup of presenters for the May 24, 2023, Alberta Literacy Insitute (register here). Information here we are excited to share this conversation with Nawal Qarooni.   Committed to growing thinkers, writers, and readers, Nawal Qarooni visits with hosts Charlie Kraig and Rick Gilson to discuss the… Read more »