About Us


The Alberta Regional Professional Development Consortia work to achieve seven goals that were documented in 2000 by an educational stakeholders meeting.


The ARPDC consortia are each governed by a board of directors, comprised of representatives from: ATA, CASS, ASBA, ASBOA, ASCA, Post-secondary Institutions, and Alberta Education. Each Board ensures that programs align with the goals of the ARPDC Consortia.

Support for Implementation

ARPDC supports the belief that successful implementation requires the coordinated, collaborative, and comprehensive efforts of education partners working together towards a shared vision of learning success for all students. How this is achieved is described in the Guide to Comprehensive PD Planning and the Guide to Support Implementation: Essential Conditions.

History of ARPDC

ARPDC was established in 1995. Educational Stakeholders have a role in defining the governance model for providing PD to educators in Alberta.