Camp ReWrite – Alberta Campground Quick conversation Podcast Excerpt

A bonus excerpt from our hour-long podcast with Angela Stockman.  We focus on the Camp ReWrite “Summer” June 19 – August 14.  The weekly conversations drop on Monday mornings and are designed for folks to listen, and participate in on their schedule.  Angela, Charlie Kraig and Rick Gilson share some information outlying the objectives and proceses.  For our educators in Alberta we will be having a couple of “campfire conversations” looking at how we can apply the learning into our work with new and current curriculum in English Language Arts and Literacture classes across the all grades.

If you would like to register for Camp Re-Write (and we have some groups of staff from some schools as well as individuals) this is where you go, if you forget the link you can always go to any of our ARPDC regional offices or the ARPDC Learning Opportunities page and search “Camp” or “Camp ReWrite” and you get to the registration page.   The Link to the registration page is here.