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Let’s Get Moving – Quick Tips for Movement Skill Development in PEW

Do you find yourself teaching the new Physical Education & Wellness curriculum and need a little more support? There are a few key terms that at first glance, may be somewhat confusing for those of us who have been tasked with teaching movement skill development with little background information or… Read more »

Top 5 Tips for Curriculum Implementation

Thanks to some quality feedback on a recent session of mine, I created a Top 5 Tips for Curriculum Implementation for Teachers and Administrators in hopes that this might ease the stress just a little. Tip OneTeachers are responsible for the HOW. We get the WHY (Ministerial Order, The Guiding… Read more »

Supporting Intervention Instruction

Earlier this year consultants who support literacy-focused professional learning across ARPDC collaborated to create a site to support intervention instruction. So what does this have to do with curriculum implementation?  You may have noticed when reading the new English Language Arts and Literature (ELAL) curriculum that phonological awareness is an… Read more »

Quick Tip: Reviewing and Approving Resources

We are all eager to have access to resources supporting our work in the classroom.  As a new curriculum moves into implementation in some subjects and additional field testing in others, the questions about resources are a concern. The solution, in part, has been shared with all educators in the… Read more »

Quick Tip: English language Arts and Literature (ELAL) and French Immersion Language Arts and Literature (FLAL)

This post is for teachers in French Immersion who are also teaching English Language Arts and Literature, or for teachers of either subject in a French Immersion school who would like to be able to, relatively easily, compare the curriculum for the two subjects in the same grade or across… Read more »

Parent Session: Physical Education and Wellness Curriculum Overview

In this session, Patrick Bohnet of the Central Alberta Regional Consortium (CARC) takes a group of parents attending the Alberta School Council Association conference through an overview of the curriculum as it relates to Physical Education and Wellness (PEW is the acronym used by Alberta Education and Teachers…and likely a… Read more »

Parent Session: Looking at the new (k-3) Math Curriculum

Tammy Leslie from the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium (ERLC) presents to parents at the Alberta School Council Association conference providing an overview of the new (k-3) Math curriculum. This 43-minute presentation covers the following areas: Importance of Numeracy and Mathematics New Curriculum Access and Overview New Curriculum Structure Curriculum Mathematics… Read more »

Parent Session: Understanding the New English Language Arts and Literature K-6 Curriculum

Karen Filewych from the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium (ERLC) presents this session providing parents with an overview of the English Language Arts and Literature curriculum for K-6.  Presented at the Alberta School Council’s Association conference on April 23, 2022, the session explores six topics: The Importance of Language New Curriculum… Read more »

Summer Playlist with a New Curriculum Focus

Playlist: Preparing to Implement New Curriculum It’s quite likely you have a music or video playlist or two, one for working out, one for studying, walking, or just a relaxing evening at home after the kids are down for the night.  Our colleagues at the Calgary Regional Consortium (CRC) have… Read more »