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ARPDC Podcast Episode: Kindergarten Teacher, Author and Great Soul – Laurie McIntosh

Laurie McIntosh: Kindergarten Teacher, Author and Great Soul   In this episode, we visit with Laurie McIntosh who loves to share with others…create unique burgers with her students, and fundraise with little ones who want to make and have made a difference in the class and the community. Laurie started… Read more »

ARPDC Podcast Episode: A Caregiver Approach to Literacy with Nawal Qarooni

One of the amazing lineup of presenters for the May 24, 2023, Alberta Literacy Insitute (register here). Information here we are excited to share this conversation with Nawal Qarooni.   Committed to growing thinkers, writers, and readers, Nawal Qarooni visits with hosts Charlie Kraig and Rick Gilson to discuss the… Read more »

ARPDC Podcast Episode #4 Reading Across the Curriculum Series: University of Lethbridge Bookstore and Book Talk Whisperer – Kari Tanaka

In this episode (Live on Apple, Google, and Spotify on February 21, 2023), we are excited to meet with Kari Tanaka from the University of Lethbridge bookstore. Leveraging her years as a bookseller and dedicated book/author supporter, Kari offers many suggestions for teachers (and readers) to add to their book… Read more »

ARPDC Podcast Ep 2 David A. Robertson Author, Speaker

  In this week’s episode, Charlie Kraig and Rick Gilson of ARPDC visit with the National Award-winning author David A. Robertson.  Our conversation touches on several topics applicable to teachers and their work in the classroom supporting student reading and writing.  David, a Swampy Cree member in Manitoba, has written… Read more »

Learning Outcomes Sorted by Understanding

As the ARPDC team works to support curriculum roll-out across the province we are excited to develop, collaborate and share what we are doing and what we are learning from others as they work through and with the curriculum.  One such example is the exploration of learning outcomes by the… Read more »

Supporting Intervention Instruction

Earlier this year consultants who support literacy-focused professional learning across ARPDC collaborated to create a site to support intervention instruction. So what does this have to do with curriculum implementation?  You may have noticed when reading the new English Language Arts and Literature (ELAL) curriculum that phonological awareness is an… Read more »

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