Change Maker Conversations in Education – with Karen Filewych


Karen Filewych, after starting post-secondary to be a newspaper journalist, Karen turned to teaching, all the while remaining passionate about writing – both her own and all those she teaches. In this episode of the Change Maker Conversations in Education, we continue our Literacy Across the Curriculum conversation with this author, educator, leader and all-around incredible soul.  Karen shares several books and thoughts, inviting us to consider the importance of doing everything we can to help people of all ages to enjoy and thrive as readers, writers, and engaged participants in the conversations and practices of a literate society. 

Karen has been driven in part by a quote from Mem Fox as found in ​​Radical Reflections: Passionate Opinions on Teaching, Learning, and Living, where Mem Fox wrote, “I wish we could change the world by creating powerful writers for forever instead of indifferent writers for school.” 

Karen believes that literacy is a form of empowerment; we do this work so that we can all function and participate in the world more fully. 

Karen’s website, Words Change Worlds, includes resources and blog posts we guarantee can inspire and improve all teachers’ practice in the classroom K-12.  Karen’s most recent book, Literacy Leadership Matters, focuses on the role of leadership (principals and instructional leads) in supporting teachers and strengthening reading instruction in elementary classrooms. Karen’s previous books are, How Do I Get Them to Write? and Freewriting with Purpose.  

In addition to her website and resources found therein, Karen discusses some of the books she uses in conversations with teachers and students of all grades, as shared below.