Let’s Get Moving – Quick Tips for Movement Skill Development in PEW

Do you find yourself teaching the new Physical Education & Wellness curriculum and need a little more support? There are a few key terms that at first glance, may be somewhat confusing for those of us who have been tasked with teaching movement skill development with little background information or training.

Good news! We have created a few one-pagers that offer a simple definition and suggested activities aligned with the concept. STRATEGY, TACTICS, and SPATIAL AWARENESS are completed and ready for your next class. 

As teachers consider assessment and the role of observation in the physical education setting, the need for some kind of tracking system is obvious. We have developed a spreadsheet that includes the Learning Outcomes and Skills & Procedures aligned with the movement skill development portion of the curriculum. It is important to note that teachers will need to ensure they have a clear understanding of how the Knowledge and Understanding elements shape the Skills & Procedures as they use the Observation Tracker. In other words, we must have a full understanding of the Outcome and KUSPs while we observe our students’ skills.

This post and resources are prepared by members of the ARPDC team for your use; if you have questions about these specific resources, please feel free to contact Charlie Kraig of the Learning Network (LNES) Regional office of the ARPDC.