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Currently Available Sessions with a New Curriculum Focus

Click Here to Access the Calendar of Learning Opportunities for teachers, schools and divisions offered across the province.   Please note clicking on any of the links in the calendar will take you to the office that is hosting the session.  Closed sessions are specific to that school or division, open sessions are accessible, usually online, across the province.  This calendar is dynamic and as sessions are added which have a focus related to the new curriculum they appear here as well as on each of the Consortium registration websites.

Ongoing Expandable Support

We are introducing the ARPDC Newsfeed“ARPDC Tips, Templates & Tools”.  

This new component to the ARPDC website will be supported by all of our regional offices as we provide posts in a searchable format providing support now and throughout the entire duration of curriculum implementation.   Posts will include links to templates, YouTube links, Podcasts, Session recordings,  PDFs, and editable documents in Word/Google doc formatting as template suggestions for planning, teaching, and assessing learning.  Designed to support asynchronous learning or collaborative work in small groups or staff meetings each post provides a different opportunity for success as together we work to support curriculum implementation and learning in support of the other priorities in education in Alberta.

Users will be able to utilize the keyword search function to facilitate filtering as we continue to develop and add resources for your use.  Of course, you are always able to contact our offices for further support related to each post or to request support in areas of interest and focus in your school or division.

Background and Moving Forward

On April 13, 2022, Minister LaGrange announced that a new curriculum would be implemented in three subjects in the fall of 2022.  K-3 English Language Arts and Literature, K-3 Mathematics, and K-6 Physical Education and Wellness will be implemented in the fall across the province.  Teachers and schools have the option in the 2022-23 school year to begin work with the finalized curriculum in grades 4 – 6 for English Language Arts and Literature (ELAL), and grades 4 – 6 for Mathematics (Math).  Full implementation of grade 4-6 ELAL and Math is scheduled for the fall of 2023.

On May 4, 2022, ARPDC Executive Directors and our team of consultants and designers of learning met with Alberta Education Implementation staff to receive specific direction in support of our work moving forward with the teachers, schools, and divisions across Alberta.  Our seven regional offices work directly with those in our area and collaborate to share learning opportunities and resources across the province.

On May 17, 2022, the Ministry announced updated draft K-6 curriculum is ready for piloting across the province this (2022) fall.  Draft curriculum for Science, French First Language and Literature and French Immersion Language Arts and Literature Curriculum K-6 will be available to schools and divisions to pilot.  ARPDC staff will work with educators, schools, and divisions across the province in support of the piloting of these subjects, resource development, and the gathering of feedback prior to the finalization of these subjects for scheduled implementation in the fall of 2023.


Timeline for the New Curriculum K-6 April 2022 – September 2024.

Everyone in Alberta can access the proposed New Curriculum Pilot and Implementation Timeline on the New.learnalberta.ca site  The PDF on this link is updated by Alberta Education with each announcement.  The new.learnalberta.ca site provides access to additional support documents for parents and educators including foundational documents and videos explaining the website, Guiding Framework for the curriculum and the Ministerial Order.

Parent Sessions:

ARPDC is able to provide sessions for parents providing an overview of the curriculum, subject-specific insights and ideas for how you may support the learning for your family.  We are developing an information site for parents who wish to know more about the curriculum on your schedule and will link that here when it is live.  We welcome your questions or suggestions.  You can contact us at arpdc.ab.ca@gmail.com

We are here to help

Teachers, Schools, and Divisions are most welcome to request a session of your regional office.  If you are uncertain of your regional office you may contact us via e-mail at arpdc.ab.ca@gmail.com and the request will be forwarded to the appropriate regional office.

Visit your regional office registration link below to view sessions available across the range of priorities in addition to the work supporting the implementation of the new curriculum.