Quick Tip: English language Arts and Literature (ELAL) and French Immersion Language Arts and Literature (FLAL)

This post is for teachers in French Immersion who are also teaching English Language Arts and Literature, or for teachers of either subject in a French Immersion school who would like to be able to, relatively easily, compare the curriculum for the two subjects in the same grade or across grades in a split grade classroom setting. The entire curriculum is developed along the structure lines illustrated below:

Organizing Ideas are the big rocks, Guiding Questions frame our thinking and the Learning Outcomes and their attached KUSP’s (Knowledge, Understandings, Skills and Procedures) frame the work, student abilities and all aspects of assessment.

Below you see the Organizing Ideas for the two subjects listed side by side spanning K-6, the YouTube video takes you through a quick overview, where you can readily view the Organizing Ideas and how you can leverage a curriculum comparison site to compare between ELAL and FLAL in the same or different grades.


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