Summer Playlist with a New Curriculum Focus

Playlist: Preparing to Implement New Curriculum

It’s quite likely you have a music or video playlist or two, one for working out, one for studying, walking, or just a relaxing evening at home after the kids are down for the night.  Our colleagues at the Calgary Regional Consortium (CRC) have been building playlists in support of asynchronous learning for educators and parents for a number of years.  Each playlist provides the user with the opportunity to choose their own path, use what they’d like, and explore deeper in the sections of their choice.  This playlist provides you with a number of links to resources, activities and templates to guide your learning and reflection process.

This “Preparing to Implement New Curriculum” playlist (Click on the link then print or download  ) poses the question, “What steps do we need to take, as teachers with pedagogical expertise, to keep student learning and well-being in the forefront as we implement changes in learner outcomes?”

Elements of this playlist invite you to reflect on some of the leading research in sound inclusive education practices, teaching through a conceptual lens, and building thinking classrooms all drawing on the work of leaders in each field such as Shelley Moore, Julie Stern and Ron Ritchhart.  You will also find introductory items related to the structure of the new curriculum, and foundational work such as a lesson planning template built to draw from the Organizing Ideas, Guiding Questions, Learning Outcomes and KUSP’s (Knowledge, Understandings, Skills and Procedures) of the new Curriculum.

We look forward to hearing from you, the playlist includes a form we’d love to have you complete in order that we can support your work.



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