Implementation Toolkits added to the Curriculum Resource Collection

ARPDC staff have constructed a series of Implementation Toolkit documents to assist teachers in their preparation and work for the 2023-24 school year.  Toolkits have been completed and uploaded on our New Curriculum Resources site for Science K-6, English Language Arts and Literature (ELAL) 4-6 and Mathematics and Numeracy 4-6.

In addition, an Implementation Toolkit is under construction to support French Immersion Language and Literature (FILAL) for 2023-24; resources are being uploaded, creating permanent links and once that has been completed, an Implementation Toolkit document will be added to the collection.  The French Immersion Language Arts and Literature resources are accessed on the French language portion of the resource collection.

 Implementation Toolkits are also under development in support of implementation in Mathématics and Science and will be uploaded to the Ressources pour appuyer la mise en oeuvre du nouveau curriculum site upon completion. 

Teachers can also use the Curriculum Resources website and filter all the resources uploaded by category in the dropdown menu on each subject page.  One filter choice is  “toolkit” listing each resource that is part of that subject’s implementation toolkit.

ARPDC welcomes resource submissions from school divisions; please refer to the “Submit a Resource” button on the site for more information.